Fields of Blue by Exphrasis
xcrun coremlcompiler compile MyModel.mlmodel MyModel.mlmodelc

Underground Cavern by laspinter
public FirstPage()
MessagingCenter.Subscribe<SecondPage>(this, "StartProgress", (sender) =>

public void StartProgress()
//do progression here
//and set Progress bar
private void Onpress(s, e)
MessagingCenter.Send(this, "StartProgress");
by tanyapodolskaia
public partial class MyAwesomePage : ContentPage
public MyAwesomePage()
protected override void OnAppearing()
MessagingCenter.Send(this, "SetLandscapeModeOn");
protected override…
by TsaoShin
  1. Add font family to your shared app as an EmbeddedResource
  2. Register the font file with the assembly, in a file such as AssemblyInfo.cs, using the ExportFont attribute.
using Xamarin.Forms;using Xamarin.Forms.Xaml;[assembly: XamlCompilation(XamlCompilationOptions.Compile)][assembly: ExportFont(“fa-solid-900.ttf”, Alias = “fa-solid”)]
<Application.Resources><x:String x:Key="IconCheck">&#xf00c;</x:String></Application.Resources>

by Rajanandepu
[assembly: Dependency(typeof(DeviceService))]
class DeviceService : IDeviceService
public bool GetApplicationNotificationSettings()
var settings = UIApplication.SharedApplication.CurrentUserNotificationSettings.Types;
return settings != UIUserNotificationType.None;
public interface IDeviceService
bool GetApplicationNotificationSettings();
bool isNotificationEnabled = DependencyService.Get<IDeviceService>().GetApplicationNotificationSettings();
by F-Kroll
async Task OpenPage(object obj)
var pageType= Type.GetType($"NamespaceOfYourView.{obj}");
var page = Activator.CreateInstance(pageType) as Page;
await Application.Current.MainPage.Navigation.PushAsync(page );

by sanitrance

Tuğçe Arar

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