iOS Biometric Authentication with Xamarin Forms

iOS Biometric Authentication



Using TouchID and FaceID in Xamarin Forms Application

<string>Use Face ID/Touch ID instead of a password to access your account
LAContext  context = new LAContext();
public enum LAPolicy : long
DeviceOwnerAuthenticationWithBiometrics = 1,
DeviceOwnerAuthentication = 2,
DeviceOwnerAuthenticationWithWatch = 3,
OwnerAuthenticationWithBiometricsOrWatch = 4
var result = await context.EvaluatePolicyAsync(LAPolicy.DeviceOwnerAuthentication, message);
[assembly: Dependency(typeof(BiometricService))]
namespace BiometricApp.iOS
public class BiometricService : IBiometricService
LAContext context = new LAContext();
public async Task<bool> LoginWithBiometrics()
context.LocalizedCancelTitle = "I don't want it.";
context.LocalizedFallbackTitle = "Use password.";
NSError error = new NSError();
Tuple<bool, NSError> result = new Tuple<bool, NSError>(false, null);
if (context.CanEvaluatePolicy(LAPolicy.DeviceOwnerAuthentication, out error))
string message = "";
switch (context.BiometryType)
case LABiometryType.TouchId:
message = "Put your finger on screen to be the King!";
case LABiometryType.FaceId:
message = "Scan your face to be the King!";
case LABiometryType.None:
message = "Your device not support you to be King!";
message = "We can't sure your worthiness!";
result = await context.EvaluatePolicyAsync(LAPolicy.DeviceOwnerAuthentication, message);
if (result.Item1 && result.Item2 == null)
return true;
return false;
public interface IBiometricService
Task<bool> LoginWithBiometrics();
var result = await DependencyService.Get<IBiometricService>().

Alternative to Biometric Authentication



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